Half Price College-level Education

Putting_money_into_a_piggybankSo you want to go to college but can’t afford the cost?

Worship Arts Conservatory offers courses that are the same as what you would get at a college but for significantly less cost.

College-level Content.

The courses are the same in number of teaching hours, so you get the same amount of information as at a college.

College-level Instructors.

The courses are the same quality.  They are taught by teachers with a Masters Degree or higher in their area of specialty and all of our instructors are currently serving in a church doing what they are teaching.

The average cost for a private college is $30,000 per year plus room and board.  WAC will cost you only about $6,000 per year.  So we are actually less than half the cost!  Now to be completely honest (which a Christian institute should always strive to be) we do not offer any scholarships at this time, so the final comparison would depend upon how many grants and scholarships you might receive at the college.  Still, in many cases, we are a much better value.

Thinking ManI’m sure you have many questions.

Let me see if I can answer a couple of the most common.

How can we offer our courses at such a low cost?

Primarily because we are not yet accredited, do not yet have a location and our teachers are teaching as a ministry, not as their primary income.  This means we save costs on property, accreditation requirements and faculty costs, and we pass those savings on to you.

But isn’t it unwise to take courses from an unaccredited institution?

That really depends on your goals. Again, I will try to give you my most honest answers.

  • Are you simply looking to become better training in Bible, Worship, Music or Technology?  Then WAC is the perfect place to do so.  We offer the same courses as an accredited institution but at a much lower cost.
  • Are you preparing for a career in Music or Technology?  Then WAC is still a great place to study.  Careers in music technology, music performance and songwriting rarely require a degree.  Employers are much more concerned with your skill and experience.
  • Are you preparing for a career in Ministry or Worship?  Then the answer is “it depends.”  It depends on what career and where.  Beginning level careers in ministry such as a youth or children’s director may or may not require a degree depending on the size and denomination of the church.  The same is true for worship leaders.  Many churches are much more concerned about your skill than your credentials.  Most pastoral position, though, do require a degree.  But this is not necessarily true.  It is important to check with your denomination.  Why spend the extra money if you can get your education at half price and meet all the qualification for being a pastor in your denomination?
  • Are you planning on getting a degree?  Then an accredited institution can guarantee your credits will count towards a degree at their college and have a much better chance of transferring to another institution (although they may not transfer in the way you would like.)  WAC is currently seeking agreements with colleges and universities that would allow you to start your degree with us and then move to another institution to finish your degree.  But at this time we cannot guarantee your credits will transfer.  If getting a degree is your primary goal then you may want to consider an accredited college.

As you can see, in many, if not most cases, Worship Arts Conservatory is the best value and will help you accomplish your goals!

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