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Worship Training

Training Worship Leaders for Ministry

Worship Arts Conservatory is dedicated to helping you become skilled and trained for ministry. Our main focus areas is Worship Leader Training. We do this primarily through 4 methods:

  1. School of Worship - College level programs of study carefully designed to develop your skills and knowledge so you can become a confident worship ministry leader.
  2. Resources - Our Resources menu offers articles on various topics that we believe will be helpful to you as a worship leader.
  3. Daily Social Media

What You Need to Know

So, what knowledge and skill should a worship leader have? What training do you need to be an effective worship leader?

  1. Solid Spiritual and Theological Foundation - In other words, you need to know God personally and study His word faithfully.
  2. Music Knowledge and Skills - You need to know about music (chords, charts, terminology) and be skilled as a musician.
  3. Arts and Technology - Worship ministry is more than just music in most churches. So, you will also want a basic understanding of the arts and worship technology
  4. Worship Leading - As a worship leader, you will need to be able to, well ... lead. That means knowing how to hold rehearsals, how to plan a worship service, how to deal with other musicians, and so much more.
  5. Practical Skills - You need to have good communication, leadership and creative skills.

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We Can Help

We believe we have the most affordable and comprehensive worship leader training available. So, if you would like someone to help you become a skilled an confident worship leader, please consider our School of Worship programs of study and if you live in the Metro Detroit area check out our Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program.

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