Songwriting Certificate

Music Score

The Songwriting Certificate is a 31 credit hour program in our School of Music designed to introduce you to the techniques necessary for writing music. For more advanced studies see Music Composition Diploma.

If you are seeking a 4 year program of study go to our Advanced Diploma or see our Degree Paths.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Music Chart Arranger
  • Lay Ministry – Worship Musician, Choir Member, Deacon/Elder of Worship
  • Other – Songwriter

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Understand basic music theory.
  • Be able to write and notate simple songs for any combination of voices or instruments.

Core Bible and Theology – 12 credit hours

General Music – 8 credit hours

MUS-110 Music Theory I

3 credit hours

Study of simple four part harmony. Learn figured bass, chord symbols, cadences, non-harmonic tones, voice-leading, dominant seventh chords and harmonic progression. Prerequisite: MUS-105 or permission of instructor. To be taken concurrently with MUS-115.

MUS-115 Ear Training I

1 credit hour

Learn to sing and dictate all intervals and scales. Identify major and minor triads. Develop rhythm awareness. To be taken concurrently with MUS-110.

MUS-210 Music Theory II

3 credit hours

Continued study of four-part harmony through writing and analysis of music literature. Further study of seventh chords as well as secondary and leading-tone chords. Learn procedures of modulation, how to realize figured bass, chord symbols and transposition for various instruments. Prerequisite: MUS 110.

MUS-215 Ear Training II

1 credit hour

Continued study of sight-singing and dictation. Learn to dictate in four parts. Continued study of rhythm. Sight-singing in modes and tenor and alto clef. Prerequisite: MUS-115. To be taken concurrent with MUS-210.

Composition - 5 credit hours

MUS-167 Applied Study I, composition

 2 credit hours

Individual instruction in Music Composition. Emphasis is placed upon technical mastery, performance preparation and literature study. An addition fee per semester is required.

MUS-290 Songwriting

3 credit hours

A practical look at the technique of writing a contemporary song. Melody, lyrics, hook, points of view and song logic will be covered. Solo writing and collaboration are studied. Prerequisite: MUS-210.

Performance – 6 credit hours

MUS-160-169 Applied Study I, instrument of choice

2 credit hours

Individual instruction in your chosen instrument. Emphasis is placed upon technical mastery, performance preparation and literature study. An addition fee per semester is required.

MUS-240-250 Ensemble Credits

2 credit hours

Select from any MUS-240 or MUS-250 course ensemble. Ensemble offerings may vary based upon available instrumentation.

MUS-280 Recital

2 credit hours

Preparation and performance of a public recital.