Worship Technology Certificate

The Worship Technology Certificate is a 34 credit hour program designed to introduce you to the primary skills necessary for running the technology used in a church worship service. For more advanced studies see Worship Technology Diploma or our Degree Paths offered in partnership with a growing list of Christian Colleges.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Worship Technology Director, Video Director
  • Lay Ministry – Sound Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Video Producer

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Have a basic understanding of sound, lighting and video technology and the knowledge of how to use each in a worship service.

Core Bible and Theology - 12 credit hours

General Technology - 11 credit hours

TEC-101 Introduction to Electronic Media

3 credit hours

An exploration of the history, structure, function, economics, content and evolution of electronic media and technology, including radio, television, film and the internet.

TEC-110 Introduction to Worship Technology

3 credit hours

An introduction to the technology necessary for an effective worship service, including sound, lighting and video. Both analog and digital technology will be explored.

TEC-120 A/V Technical Production

3 credit hours

An exploration of the basics of Audio/Video Technical production. Learn about system design and the audio and visual support necessary for typical environments.

TEC-190 Technology Practicum

2 credit hours

Apply technology in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

Communication - 2 credit hours

COM-101 Introduction to Theater

2 credit hours

An introduction to the dramatic arts by examining the history, terminology and basic techniques of the theater.

Audio - 3 credit hours

TEC-210 Audio Production I

3 credit hours

Study the fundamentals of audio production both live and studio. Understand signal flow and processing, microphone design and application, studio and live acoustics, and session procedures. Prerequisite: TEC-110.

Lighting - 3 credit hours

TEC-225 Lighting Techniques

3 credit hours

An overview of the principles, techniques, and tools for lighting a variety of situations. Learn how to use a wide range of lighting equipment and accessories. Prerequisite: TEC-110.

Video - 3 credit hours

TEC-230 Film and Video Production I

3 credit hours

Study the three phases of video production. Learn the fundamental of video technology and production. Prerequisite: TEC-110.