Christian Ministries Certificate



The Christian Ministries Certificate is a 37 credit hour program in our School of Ministry designed to introduce you to the primary topics necessary for effective church ministry. For more advanced studies see our Christian Ministries Diploma.

If you are seeking a 4 year program of study go to our Advanced Diploma or see our Degree Paths.

Christian Ministries Certificate Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Minister – Associate Pastor, Youth Leader, Director of a Ministry, Missionary
  • Lay Ministry – Bible Teacher, Small Group Leader, Elder, Deacon
  • Senior Pastor – Small Church Pastor, Church Planter (further education is recommended for these positions)

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible, its doctrines and how to engage in further independent study.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be able to communicate this knowledge in an effective manner.
  • Be prepared to lead others in church ministry.


No Debt Ministry Major

Our tuition is $200 per credit, so your annual cost (based on 24 credits) is only $4,800. All students receive a Vanguard Scholarship of $100 per credit, reducing your annual tuition to only $2,400. The total cost for the Christian Ministries Certificate is $3,700 + fees and books.

A Ministry Major is only available at a private christain college so compare our tuition to the national average private non-profit four year college tuition of over $30,000. We believe we are one of the most affordable option for college level ministry training online or in person.

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Online or In-Person

Bible/Theology - 19 credit hours

BIL-130 Bible Study Methods

3 credit hours

Study the basic principles and methods of Bible study. Procedures are learned for the careful observation, analysis and interpretation of the text.

THE-250 Theology II

4 credit hours

A continuation of Theology I (THE-210). Each topic in Theology I is re-examined in greater depth. Denominational differences are discussed and students are encouraged to investigate and defend the position of their family and church. Prerequisite: THE-210.

Communication – 13 credit hours

COM-110 Public Presentation

3 credit hours

An introduction to the theory and practice of making an effective oral presentation. Learn how to select material, arrange and deliver an effective speech. Consideration will also be given to creative elements used to support the effective communication such as visual aids, video, etc.

COM-210 Communication Theory

3 credit hours

Study the basic concepts, models and theories concerning the role of communication in human behavior. Connect theory to practice in a variety of contexts: interpersonal, group and organizational communication.

COM-220 Rhetoric

4 credit hours

An introduction to rhetorical theory and practice. A historical overview of the classical foundations of Western rhetorical theory with an emphasis on Greek and Roman contributions. Learn to apply theoretical theories and principles to contemporary issues.

MIN-320 Principles of Preaching

3 credit hours

A comprehensive study of the types and principles of sermon construction and delivery. Original sermons will be prepared, delivered and critiqued. Prerequisite: BIL-130.

or COM-310 Advanced Public Speaking

3 credits

A comprehensive study of the types and principles of public communication construction and delivery. Original speeches will be prepared, delivered and critiqued. Prerequisite: COM-110.

Ministry – 5 credit hours

MIN-190 Ministry Practicum

2 credit hours

Apply your ministry training in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a Church or para-church setting.

MIN-410 Church Leadership

3 credit hours

Study the principles of leadership as applied to the church setting. Develop personal skills in self-management, budgeting, planning, organizing, recruiting and supervising volunteers, discerning vision for and ministry and leading deliberative bodies.