Worship is the priority

The most important thing we can do is love and worship God.  All the rest of the Christian life flows from this core focus.  Therefore we will make it our aim to offer the highest quality Christian education in the art and theology of worshiping God.


It is more important to worship together for the world to see than to argue about our differences.  Therefore we will be welcoming to all Christian denominations that believe the scriptures are inerrant in the original manuscripts and affirm a traditional Christian theology as represented by the Nicene and Apostles Creed.

World Class Education

God deserves the highest quality praise we can offer, therefore we will:
Train up our students to the highest standards of education.
Be a world recognized center for worship education and scholarship.
Offer an education that extends beyond the walls of the conservatory.  Some examples are:

  • An annual worship conference.
  • Internet classes.
  • Regular worship events.
  • Internships.
  • Missions trips.
  • Community service required of students.
  • Satellite locations.

Develop the whole person

There is much more to well educated Christian then just basic knowledge.  Therefore all degrees will focus on:

  • Character.  We believe it is more important to God that we live with integrity and love than that we are masters of a particular subject area.
  • Concepts.  We believe that knowledge is essential to mastery.
  • Competence.  We believe that experience and practice are necessary to fully understanding a topic.


Our God is a generous God.  Therefore we will demonstrate generosity through:

  • Offering some free classes online or during the annual worship conference.
  • Developing free materials to be offered as online downloads.
  • Offering free worship events.
  • Requiring our students to serve in the local congregations.


We believe God loves variety as is quickly evident by even a summary look at His creation.  Therefore we will be diverse in:

  • Artistic styles.  We will train artists in a broad range of styles of worship from classical to the latest contemporary and urban trends.
  • Methodology.  We will be creative in using a wide variety of methods for education, including classroom training, on-the-job training, internet classes, etc.
  • Denominations.  We will be welcoming to a broad range of Christian beliefs.
  • Race, gender and age.  We will be diverse in student body and staff.


We believe that worship is more engaging and effective when it involves a variety of artistic media.  Therefore we encourage collaboration between the various departments.  Some examples are:

  • Chapel services
  • Worship events
  • Collaborative projects that require students from more than one degree to work together.