Develop a Closer Walk With God

Develop a Closer Walk with God

Do you desire to grow closer to God? Are you looking for ways to go deeper with God? Do your prayers seem too repetitive? Keep your time with God fresh and learn both ancient and new practices and methods that have worked to help believers deepen their relationship with God.

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Draw closer to God

MIN-110 Spiritual Foundations

A study of the disciplines and practices that help a person develop a growing and dynamic relationship with God. Learn and practice a variety of disciplines that have helped Christians throughout the ages draw closer to God.

Mondays, 7-9 pm

WAC classes have greatly helped me in many areas of my life. Not only is it helpful academically, but spiritually as well. Joyce Welch

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Deepen your prayer time

What will this class do for me?

  • Find new ways to worship God
  • Develop a regular daily time with God
  • Deepen your prayer time
  • Open yourself to the presence of God
  • Understand how your personality impacts your spirituality
  • Hear God clearly in His Word
  • Meet other Christians hungry for a fuller spiritual life

Will this class help me conquer my sin of ... ?

This course is designed to give you the tools to draw closer to God. Although it is not primarily about defeating sin, it will help you better understand your struggle with sin and ways to fight the flesh. The closer we draw to God the more we recognize our sinfulness. How this will change your life, though, is in God's hands.

Learn how to listen to God

So what will I learn?

  • Seven areas of discipline will deepen your walk with God
  • Seven ways to worship God
  • Who you are in Christ and how that will encourage your faith
  • How to listen to God
  • Practices that will help you recognize God's presence in your life
  • 12 tools for hearing God in His Word
  • Dynamics of change
  • Ways to let go of your sinful self
  • 24 prayer tools
  • The importance of sharing your life with others
  • and more

Watch this short clip from Steve's testimony that explains how the Spiritual Foundations course changed his day.

Learning about, and practicing these disciplines, has deepened my prayer life, enlivened the way I engage scripture, and strengthened my desire to daily seek and worship the Lord.  The Lord has used this course to deepen my understanding of His word and to call my heart closer to His.  Not only have I been encouraged in my faith, I know this course has equipped me to better encourage others in their faith.  I have been able to incorporate different spiritual disciplines that I have learned when leading a small group at my church and in my bible study.  I feel better equipped to serve and do the work I am called to do. Steve Kalbfleisch

Who teaches this course?

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
President of Worship Arts Conservatory
In addition to leading the Worship Arts Conservatory, I am an ordained minister in the North American Baptist and have been a worship leader for almost 30 years. During that time the topic of spiritual practices and personal prayer has been one of my primary focuses.

Jerry Wyrick


$165 for almost 45 hours of class. That amounts to less than $4 per hour. This is an amazing price for college level training in spiritual growth. I don't believe you can find a better price, so click the button below and become a student at Worship Arts Conservatory today.


Still not sure if this course is for you? Here are a few questions you may be asking:

Is there a lot of homework?

Like any college course, there will be homework and tests. The good news is that much of the homework is doing what you already desire to do: spending time with God. One of the goals of this course is to help you develop a regular and vibrant personal time with God.

Is any of the work going to be hard to do, like fasting?

Most of the work is simple and easy to do. There are a few more challenging disciplines you will be encouraged to try. The purpose of the course is not to make your walk with God more difficult. It is to help you enjoy and look forward to your regular time with God.

What if I don't like discipline? Is this class best for highly organized people?

This course is for any Christian who wishes to grow in their spiritual walk. One of the premises of this course is that we are all different and all of our walks with God will look slightly different.

What if I already have a daily time with God?

This course will introduce you to over 100 different practices you can use to grow closer to God and live out your faith with others. It will help the struggling Christian learn how to strengthen their faith and the mature Christian learn new and fresh ways to approach their time with God.

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Gaze on the beauty of the Lord

Don't miss this opportunity to grow your faith and develop a closer walk with God! Click the button below to apply to be a student at the Worship Arts Conservatory and then register for MIN-110 Spiritual Foundations.