Voice Class

singer-84874_1280“The class I took was very helpful, I was trained in new techniques that I was unaware of previously. Overall, my voice was greatly improved.” Joyce Welch

Being able to sing effectively is one of the fundamental tools all worship leaders and choir members  need to have.  Would you like to better understand how to produce a good vocal tone?  Do you have a desire to increase your range?  Would you like to develop the habits necessary to maintain your voice in good shape over your lifetime.  Voice Class is designed to give you a solid foundation in these concepts and more.

MUS-120 Voice Class is a study in basic vocal techniques, including breathing, tone production, note reading, and fundamental vocabulary for singers. Learn about healthy vocal habits.

“My daughter took the voice class. I can really tell a big difference in her vocal performance and she is looking forward to an art class next.” Carrie Welch

This course is a requirement for the Worship Leadership program.  It is two credits and will include two hours of class work per week plus homework.

Voice Class is taught by John Martineau and will cover these topics:

  • Voice Development – Learn scales, warm ups, breath support, articulation, & how to maintain a healthy voice.
  • Ear Development – Learn to hear pitches, intervals, and not just hear them, but strengthen your voice’s ability to sing them back.
  • Performance Skills – Observe different singing styles, learn songs, and learn about the effective delivery of a song.
  • Teaching Skills – Learn how to effectively communicate with singers, and come to know basic terms & music skills like notation and site singing.

Questions about this course?  Ask the instructor: john.martineau@worshiparts.net