Introduction to Worship Technology

Anthony Snape ShowcaseDo you work in the media ministry at your church but would like to better understand the equipment?  Would you like to better understand the various equipment involved in producing a live worship service?  Do you have a passion for technology and want to use it in a worship setting?  Introduction to Worship Technology is designed to help you become familiar with the equipment used in a worship service.

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TEC-110 Introduction to Worship Technology is an introduction to the technology necessary for an effective worship service, including sound, lighting and video.

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Your Instructor:  Jay Reid

M.F.A. Film Producing, American Film Institute Conservatory

Topics include:

  • Sound Audio
    • Signal flow
    • Microphones
    • Speakers
    • Mixing Boards
    • Terminology
  • Lighting
    • Fixtures & Bulbs
    • Boards and Controls
    • Balance and Environmental
  • Video
    • Camera Basics
    • Projector Basics
    • Phases of video production
    • Terminology
  • Resources (App & Web Resources)
  • Philosophy of Worship Technology

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