March Coda


It was my intention to end each month with a review of the months posts.  I just realized I have not made a summary post since January.  Sorry about that!

So, what have I posted in the last few months?  Here is a list of posts for each month.

  1. Five Updates
    1. March 24 – Now accepting online applications.
    2. March 10 – 6 months till start of classes!
    3. February 10 – Facilities, Affiliated Churches, Faculty, Logo
    4. January 27 – Check out our website!
    5. January 13 – location priorities.
  2. Introductions to our programs of study
    1. Communications (Theater and Video/Film)
    2. Music (Performance and Composition)
    3. Worship (Worship Leadership and Children’s Worship)
    4. Ministry
    5. Programs of Study – Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas
  3. Psalm Studies
    1. Psalm 10 – Why do the wicked prosper?
    2. Psalm 9 – Proclaim the Justice of God.
    3. Psalm 8 – What is Man?
  4. Worship Terminology
    1. The Word (part 1) – When we encounter the word, we encounter God.
    2. The Word (part 2) – When we see Jesus, we see God.
    3. The Lord’s Supper (part 1) – Titles we use for the Lord’s Supper.
    4. The Lord’s Supper (part 2) – What is the significance of the title “Lord’s Supper”?
    5. How to Enter God’s Presence – The use of praise words in Psalm 100:4
  5. Prayer Tools – Using the Bible in Prayer
    1. Praying the Psalms – How to use the Book of Psalms in prayer.
    2. Dialoguing with God – Talk to God about what you have just read in scripture.
    3. Placing Yourself in the Story – Using Bible narratives to hear from God.
  6. The Power of Four – The importance of reading your Bible at least four days per week.
  7. Current Instructors – A list of current instructors.
  8. Who Should Attend? – 5 reasons to consider attending WAC
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