WAC – Who Should Attend?

Who is a good candidate for attending the Worship Arts Conservatory?
No school is perfect for everyone.  As a small start up institution we cannot provide all the bells and whistles that a larger more established college can provide.  But we might be a good fit if you (or someone you know) are looking for:

  • Local Worship Training.  We will be the only place in Detroit metro to get educated in the worship arts.  If you want to stay in Detroit and study worship, then WAC is your solution
  • Less Expensive Option.  College is very expensive.  Since we are uncredited and in our first year, our tuition rate is lower than most other training institutions for education in arts or ministry.  If your top priority is cost then we might be your solution!
  • Christian Education in Performing or Visual Arts.  If you are seeking education in the visual or performing arts and want it to be in a Christian environment then we might be the right place for you, especially if one of the above two bullet points are also true of you.
  • Vocational Ministry Training.  If you are seeking local education to prepare for full time Christian ministry, especially if you are looking for a setting where you will meet people from a variety of denominations, then we may be the right place for you!
  • Lay Ministry Training.  Many people just want to do a better job of serving in their local church.  Our certificate level training is perfect for this.  They do not require any general education courses and are equivalent to just one year of full time classes.
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