The Power of Four

What is the Power of Four?

I recently learned about the power of four. Did you know the number of days per week you read the Bible has an impact on how much you live out the truths of the Bible?

I read an article that pointed out that there is actually a statistical difference between those who read the Bible three days per week and those who read it four or more days per week.  The Center for Bible Engagement has research that indicates that people who read or listen to the Bible four or more days per week are the least likely to engage in risky behavior and more likely to live out their faith, but there is no significant difference between those who read the Bible once per week and those who read it three times per week.

Time to Read Your Bible!

In other words, reading the Bible only a few times per week does not have much affect on your behavior, but once you read it more than half the days of the week it begins to change your actions.

Just as interesting is the fact that Bible reading or listening is a better indicator of spiritual growth and life change than prayer or church attendance.  If you want to check out the data for yourself, go here.

So... Have you read your Bible yet today?

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory

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