WAC – Current Instructors

The Worship Arts Conservatory has already lined up some of the instructors for this fall.

In worship/music we have John Martineau, who is the Minister of Music at Woodlawn Church.  Mr. Martineau has a M.A. in Church Music from Oral Roberts University.  Dr. Jerry Wyrick will also be teaching in worship/music.  Dr. Wyrick is the Worship Director at Crosspointe Church and has a Ph.D. in Composition of Music from Michigan State University.

In Bible/Theology we have Jason Coplen, who is the Associate Pastor at Crosspointe Church.  Pastor Coplen has a M.Div. in Christian Education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Allen Sipe has accepted a position but will need to move to Detroit.  Also since we are too small to offer him a full time position this year, he will be seeking some form of part time employment.  He has experience as a pastor, worship leader and interpreter for the deaf.  Mr. Sipe is currently completing his D.Ed. in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Christian Ministry from Grand Canyon University.

If you have any leads on a good part time job for Allen Sipe in ministry or interpreter for the deaf, please let us know.  Mr. Sipe’s wife is also seeking employment at a music teacher or administrative assistant.

We are still seeking instructors for our other positions:  Technology (sound/lighting), Communication (theater/film/public speaking), Visual Arts and Dance.  All instructors must have a masters in a related field and agree to our Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Agreement.

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