Hearing God Through the Bible – Dialoguing with God

Hearing God Through the Bible Series

This is the fifth in a series on how to listen for God's voice when reading the Bible.  So far we have looked at Lectio Divina, Luther's Four Stranded Garland, Questions Jesus Asked and Placing Yourself in the Story.  In this post we will talk about the importance of dialoguing with God.

Ignoring God's Word

Have you ever read the Bible and then prayed about something else or even moved on to your next task and forgot about what you just read?  I know I have. This is especially easy to do if you are using a reading plan and in a hurry to get it done.

If we believe that the Bible is God's Word and the Holy Spirit lives in us to illuminate His Word, shouldn't we treat it more like a conversation and less like a book?  Are you willing to let God interrupt your reading plan so He can talk to you and you can talk with Him?

Dialoguing With God

Make it a practice to talk to God about what you have just read.  In fact, stop whenever something catches your attention and talk to God about it.  Wouldn't you find it rude if every time you talked to someone they either ignored you or changed the topic?  And yet, we often do this to God.  Try these steps instead:

  • Picture Jesus in the room with you.  (Remember, He is with you!)
  • Tell Him how you felt about the passage.  (Happy, angry, confused...)
  • Ask Him questions and sit quietly to see if you feel He has given you answer.
  • Talk to Him about how it applies to your life and what you plan to do because of what you read.
  • Or, talk to Him about why you feel you can't do what it says.
  • Ask Him to help you apply the passage to your life.

Use the Bible as a means of entering into conversation with God.  I believe He wants to talk with you, not just at you.

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  1. Hmmm…how often I find myself hurrying through my Bible reading plan simply so God will be pleased with my obedience to read His Word, like this article so convictingly states. This reminds me of a wonderful little booklet published by Intervarsity Press called “My Heart Christ’s
    Home” by Robert Boyd Unger. In it he describes various “rooms” in our heart where Jesus wants to live in and take control, i. e. the Kitchen ( appetites), the locked closet ( the rotten things we hold onto) and my personal favorite , the Living Room. It is here Jesus prepares to sit comfortably with us and carry on conversations with Him…but how often we fly out the door not giving Him the time of day. How much we NEED to talk with Him and listen TO Him! Great article and great reminder of the privilege of a moment by moment audience with The King!

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