WAC Update

Our top priority right now is to find a location to hold classes.  This has turned out to be harder than imagined.    Here are some of the factors that impact our process:

  • Cost.  The location needs to be inexpensive, since we do not know what our enrollment will be.
  • Flexibility.  Ideally we can find a location that would allow us to rent space based upon student enrollment and allow us to grow over time.  We cannot afford to rent or purchase a location large enough to accommodate a full four year performing arts college, so we would like to find a place that would allow us to start small and grow for a couple years.
  • In Detroit.  It is one of our values to have the location be in Detroit.
  • Safety.  It is, obviously, important to us to have a location that is safe for our students.
  • Near Midtown.  This is not a must, but we believe it would help us be more attractive to students.
  • Alignment.  Since we will be leasing space, the perfect location would be in a place that is aligned with our goals, and desires to see us succeed.  This is certainly not necessary, but would be the ideal situation for us.

Please pray that God will guide us to the location that would be best for us.  We also need wisdom as to how much to bend on the above criteria.


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