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bible-53753_1280Why would I want Christian Ministry Training from Worship Arts Conservatory?

Let me suggest two reasons:

  1. You want to start a career in church ministry.
  2. You want to be a more informed and trained lay minister.

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But won’t I need a degree to get a job in church ministry?

That depends on the position, the denomination and the church.  Although most churches require a degree to be a senior pastor, a degree is not always necessary especially in smaller churches or for support staff positions such a youth director.  Even if you want to get a degree, our certificate will give you the foundational courses you need to get started.

But shouldn’t I study at an accredited college?

Accredited colleges will cost you significantly more money and will probably require that you move since there are very limited options in Detroit.  Instead you can study for a fraction of the cost and then either use the knowledge to start your career or use it to pass out of classes and save a significant amount of money when you do start a degree program.  We are also working with some colleges to provide the opportunity to start your degree with us and then finish it at a degree granting college.

What will I learn?

Our Christian Ministries Certificate focuses on three primary areas of study:

  • Theology and Bible (20 Credits)
  • Effective Communication (13 Credits)
  • Practical Ministry (5 Credits)

How much will it cost?

Now is the time to start your training.  Because we are new and need to build our student body, we are offering our courses for half off!

So, instead of paying $200-$1000 per credit plus housing costs at a Christian College you can get started right now for only $100 per credit.  For a typical 3 credit course that is a $300-$700 savings.  Why not take that first step and apply online today?

We are offering two courses this Winter that would meet the requirements for a Christian Ministries Certificate:

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