Christian Arts Education

Worship Arts Conservatory is your school for quality Christian arts training. It is our goal to offer training in all of the performing and visual arts.

What makes our training unique from other arts education?

  • Christian Instructors
  • College-level
  • Christian World-view
  • Ministry Focused
  • Worship Focused

The arts are a powerful tool for communicating the truths of Christ but first it is important for you to develop the skills to express your message effectively. Our instructors will not only teach you the skill you need but also guide you to understand the arts from a Christian perspective.

We offer 13 programs of study focused around

  • Christian Ministry
  • Worship
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Communication, and
  • Dance

Full program list

The courses we are offering this term are:

  • Spiritual Foundations, 3 credit hours ($150) – learn over 100 ways to deepen your relationship with God
  • Drawing I ($150) – Strengthen your skills to create on paper what your eye sees.
  • Voice Class ($100) – Learn the skills and techniques to take your singing to the next level.

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