Drawing I

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Would you like to develop your skills as an artist?  Would you like to hone your skill so that you can better express your ideas through the media of drawing?

Drawing I will help you understand how to see things as and artist and develop the fundamental techniques necessary to transfer your ideas to paper.  Gain a foundational understanding of the theory of drawing and how to use the tools of an artist to express yourself in two dimensions.

ART-110 Drawing I is an introduction to basic observational drawing concepts: line, space, form and perspective. Gain awareness and skills to create on paper what your eye sees.

This course is a requirement for our Visual Arts programs of study.  It is two credits and will include two hours of class work per week plus homework.

Drawing I is taught by Donna Gonzalez and will cover these topics:

  • Learn to see things as an artist
  • Line, value, tones, contrast and shading
  • Negative space and the relationship between objects
  • Light, scale and measurement
  • Perspective
  • Geometric abstraction and fractals
  • Using markings to create effects
  • Creating illusions


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