Worship Moments, Episode 38 – God Loves Singing

Episode 38 - God Loves Singing

In Episode 38 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick uses the title of the book of psalms to remind us that God loves singing.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

What can we learn from the Title of the book of Psalms? Let's take a look.

In these videos I have introduced you to various Hebrew words. Hebrew was the original language of the Old Testament and looking at these words can sometimes give us insights into worship.

In this video I want to introduce you to the word “Tehillah”. It occurs 57 times in the Bible and it means to “praise, a song or hymn of praise”. This word is usually translated simply as “praise” but it actually implies singing our praise.

God loves singing. In fact the original title to the book of Psalms was “Tehillim” or “songs of praise”. So, the largest book in the Bible is dedicated to songs.

God wants you to sing to Him. He doesn't care whether you sound like an angel or like a crow. He simply wants you to enjoy worshiping Him through song.

Psalm 71:8 says, “My mouth is filled with your “tehillah” - your songs of praise – and with your glory all the day.”

Why not join with the Psalmist and start singing your praise. Pick your favorite worship song and lift up your voice and sing His praises!

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