Worship Moments, Episode 39 – Pictures on God’s Refrigerator

Episode 38 - Pictures on God's Refrigertor

In Episode 39 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick takes a peek at God's refrigerator to see what pictures He has posted.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

Have you ever seen a refrigerator with a bunch of scribbled pictures held on it by magnets? Or maybe some child has given you a scribbled picture – you're not even sure what it is – but your heart jumps a little out of joy at the gift of love from a child's heart.

I think it is that way with God when we offer our songs of worship to Him. Like a child, we may be doing our best to express our praise, but compared to the infinite creativity of our Heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe – our praise is but a scribble.

But God, in His infinite love, looks down at our scribble and His heart jumps for joy. I imagine, in heaven, a giant refrigerator with millions of scribbles that God has collected and put on display for heaven to adore.

God loves your worship. Whether you are droning away on one pitch because that is the best you can do or leading worship with a professional band in a mega church. The best band in the world is still a scribble compared to the creativity and perfection of our God.

So, yes, do your best. He deserves it. But don't worry about your flaws. Just put your whole heart into your scribble and then hand it to God. I'm sure His heart will jump with joy as He takes it and adds it to His refrigerator. Why not make a scribble for Him right now?

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