Worship Moments 37 – Baptism and Communion

Episode 37 - Baptism and Communion

In Episode 37 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick points out that baptism and communion are actually physical acts of worship.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

Did you know you that physical worship is built into the practices of the church?

In these last few videos we have talked about all kind of physical worship from raising hands to shouting. Today I want to point out a couple types of physical worship that you may not have really thought about: Baptism and Communion.

Notice that in each of these cases God is asking us to use our bodies, even our sense of taste, to worship Him. When we get baptized is it so that we can be physically clean? Obviously not. It is symbolic – but yet it is very physical. When we eat communion is it because God wants to make sure we don't go hungry? Obviously not. It is symbolic – but yet it is very much a physical act.

This is my last video specifically on physical worship – although most of what we do in worship is physical. I simply want to end this section on physical worship by emphasizing how important it is to our worship.

When we involve our bodies in worship we engage a powerful tool that alters our emotions, helps us remember what we have done, and impacts our thinking. Don't minimize this.

God wants you to worship Him with all you are and that includes your body. If you are still struggling with this, I encourage you to simply take the next step. Ask God what it is and do it. Ask Him now before you do anything else.

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