Worship Moments, Episode 34 – Dance

Episode 34 - Dance

In Episode 34 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick talks about the biblical support for worship dance.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

We have talked about why we should worship with our bodies. Then we talked about raising hands, clapping, bowing, kneeling and falling prostrate. Finally we talked about exuberant, even foolish looking praise. Today I am going to talk about dance.

Miriam danced, David danced, Psalm 150:4 calls us to praise God with tambourine and dance, Luke 6:23 says to leap for joy and in multiple places in scripture we see people worshiping by using a procession.

Dancing and movement are certainly portrayed in scripture as appropriate for worship of God. From carefully choreographed dance numbers to simply allowing your body to sway to the music as you worship God – we should be open to God using dance for His glory.

My point in this is not that you need to practice your dance moves and breakout in an improvised dance during next Sunday's worship service – although I have seen people freely and appropriately dance during worship.

My main point is that we need to let the Spirit guide our bodies. Our bodies should express what we are singing and praying and we should not restrain them out of fear or a false solemnity.

God loves dance. Are you willing to freely move before God? Say your prayers and sing your songs through your body, not just your words. Try it now! Don't hold back! Worship God with all you are!

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