Worship Moments 36 – Shabach: Loud Praise

Episode 36 - Shabach

In Episode 36 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick introduces us to the Hebrew word Shabach which call us to loud praise.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

Should praise be loud?

In Psalm 145:4 we read, “Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.”

The Hebrew word translated “praise” in this verse is the word “Shabach”. “Shabach” literally means “to address someone in a loud voice”. In other words to shout. So, this verse is telling us to shout out for God because of His great love.

When we watch a game we will often shout because of our excitement, but for some reason, when it comes to worship we hold back and simply sing a nice song.

But I believe God wants us to shout out our joy sometimes – at the end of a exciting song of worship, or even during a song when we are reminded of the greatness of God - during the sermon when the truth hits home, after hearing a powerful testimony, or at home when God's word really speaks to you.

Why do we hold back? Sometimes praise should be loud! God is great! We should shout it out for everyone to hear! Yes, Lord, You are Great!

Give it a try right now! Shout out your praise to God!

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