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The Worship Arts Conservatory is a higher education institution located in Detroit dedicated to training up skilled Christian workers, both for lay ministry and church staff.  This Fall we are offering these courses for those seeking Bible training:

[dropdown_box expand_text=”MIN-110 Spiritual Foundations – 3 credit hours” show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
A study of the disciplines and practices that help a person develop a growing and dynamic relationship with God. Learn and practice a variety of disciplines that have helped Christians throughout the ages draw closer to God.

[dropdown_box expand_text=”BIL-110 New Testament Survey – 3 credit hours” show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
A survey of the literature and interpretation of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the central themes, and the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure and general content of each book. The life of Christ, history of the church and impact of the Apostle Paul will also be highlighted.

[dropdown_box expand_text=”THE-210 Doctrines of the Christian Faith – 3 credit hours” show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
An introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith with an emphasis on those that are accepted by all evangelical denominations especially as evidenced by the creeds of the faith. Students desiring to major in ministry or take upper level theology courses must take THE-250.


Our ministry programs of study:

Christian Ministry Certificate
Christian Ministry Diploma
Christian Ministry Advanced Diploma

Our courses are starting the week of August 25, 2014, so don’t hesitate.  You need to apply now if you want to register in time for classes.

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