Christian Ministries Advanced Diploma

The Christian Ministries Advanced Diploma is a 134 credit hour program in our School of Ministry designed to lay a solid foundation for full-time church ministry.

For our two year program see our Christian Ministries Diploma.

For our one year program go to our Christian Ministries Certificate or see our Degree Paths.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Senior Pastor
  • Church Planter
  • Minister – Associate Pastor, Youth Leader, Director of a Ministry, Missionary
  • Lay Ministry – Bible Teacher, Small Group Leader, Elder, Deacon

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Understand the structure, themes and doctrines of the Bible.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies.
  • Be able to communicate this knowledge in an effective manner.
  • Understand the primary ministries of a local church.
  • Be prepared to lead others in church ministry.

General Education – 47 credits hours

Required Technology: COM-100 Technology for Public Presentation
Behavior/Social Studies: Must take both
GEN-130 Introduction to Philosophy – 3 credit hours, and
GEN-140 Introduction to Psychology – 3 credit hours
Language requirement: both Beginning Hebrew and Beginning Greek - 6 credit hours

Bible Core Classes – 31 credit hours

Core Bible and Theology plus:

Theology II - 4 credit hours
Denominational Distinctives - 3 credit hours
Bible elective – 3 credits hours; select from any BIL 200 or higher level course
Theology elective – 3 credit hours; select from any THE 200 or higher level course

Communication - 23 credit hours

Communication Theory – 3 credit hours
Rhetoric - 4 credit hours
Small Group Dynamics – 3 credit hours
Storytelling – 3 credit hours
Principles of Preaching – 3 credit hours
or Advanced Public Speaking - 3 credit hours
Interpersonal Communication - 3 credit hours
Art of Preaching – 3 credit hours
and Preaching Practicum - 1 credit hour
or Introduction to Theater - 2 credit hours
and Voice and Interpretation - 3 credit hours

Ministry - 33 credit hours

Pastoral Care and Counseling – 3 credit hours
Church Discipleship - 3 credit hours
Discipleship Practicum - 1 credit hour
Evangelism and Missions - 3 credit hours
Evangelism Practicum – 1 credit hour
Worship Service Planning – 3 credit hours
Christian History – 3 credit hours
Introduction to Apologetics – 3 credit hours
Church Leadership – 3 credit hours
Church Administration – 3 credit hours
Philosophy of Ministry – 3 credit hours
Ministry Internship – 4 credit hours