You Can’t Learn This in a Classroom

I am a firm believer in classroom training.

That should be obvious. I started a college to help train people for ministry.

There are many things that are best learned in a classroom - especially information, theories and concepts. There are also many things that are very difficult to learn on your own without an instructor to guide you.

But some things just can't be learned in a classroom.

No matter how much you study or practice your instrument or do speeches in front of a classroom, it all changes when you do it for real. Real life experiences take your classroom knowledge and make it practical.

Like when one of my child soloists got the flu ... all over the floor. (They didn't teach me about that in music theory.) Or when my keyboard player ended up in the hospital with heart problems. Or ... well, the list is just too long.

There simply are too many possible experiences to ever cover them all in a classroom setting.

Internship Program

Worship Arts Conservatory's Internship Program is designed to give you the best of both worlds: practical ministry experience and classroom training. With our Internship Program you will take courses at the same time as you serve in a local church. By the time you finish the program you will have both classroom knowledge and practical experience in ministry.

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Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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