Worship Moments, Episode 4 – Worshiping in Spirit

Episode 2 - Responding to the Presence of God

This is the 4th episode of Worship Moments. In this episode I begin to talk about worshiping in spirit and truth.

Text of Video

For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

John 4:23 tells us that the true worshiper will worship the Father in spirit and truth. I am going to spend my next few videos talking about worshiping in spirit and truth.

So, what does it mean to worship in spirit?

In the next verse, Jesus says that because God is spirit we need to worship Him in spirit. In other words, God is not made of flesh and blood and therefore we need connect with him at a spiritual level, not a physical level.

That does not mean that the physical is unimportant, since we are physical beings, only that what is happening internally is more important than the external. God sees the heart.

As meet with God we need to ask ourselves, is this coming from the heart or am I just going through the motions? Am I fully engaged in worship or am I just enjoying singing a nice song and being entertained by a good sermon.

God is with you right now. Take a moment and open your spirit to God's Spirit in worship. He is ready and waiting to meet with you.

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