Worship Moments, Episode 32 – Halal

Episode 32 - Halal

In Episode 32 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick talks about the meaning of Halal and how it should impact our worship.

Text of Video

For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

I have been teaching for quite a few videos now on Physical worship. We looked at the Hebrew words Shachah, which means to bow down, and Yadah, which means to extend the hands. Today I am going to introduce you to another Hebrew word: “Halal”'

Halal means “to shine, boast, praise or even act like a fool”. The word Halal is probably familiar to you because it is part of the larger word “Hallelujah”, which means “Praise the Lord”.

The idea behind Halal, though, is not simply to say words of praise. No! It calls us to shine, to boast, even to act like a fool before God.

The idea here is that we have so much to boast about in God that we cannot hold back. That it bursts out of us like a shining light that everyone can see. And that we have to express our praise even if it makes us look foolish.

Yes, God is worthy of your humble and solemn worship as you bow at His feet. But God is also worthy of your most exuberant praise. Take some time now and praise God. Don't hold back! Praise Him with all you are! He is worthy! He is worthy! He is worthy!

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