Worship Moments, Episode 30 – Submission in Worship

Episode 30 - Submission in Worship

In Episode 30 of Worship Moments, Dr Wyrick introduces us to the two primary words for "worship" in the Bible and how those words remind us to come to God in complete submission.

Text of Video

For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

Did you know that primary word for worship in the Old Testament Hebrew and in the New Testament Greek, both imply humble submission?

The word in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament that is most often translated as “worship” is the word “Shachah”, which literally means to bow down. The New Testament was originally written in Greek and the Greek word most commonly translated as “worship” is “proskuneo”, which literally means “to kiss” - as in to kiss a hand or bow and kiss the ground before someone in submission.

With both words the idea is one of submission and humility.

When we come before God we need to never forget that we are in the presence of the King of all Creation. There is nothing and no one greater and He deserves our complete submission.

Although bowing is not as common during singing, because it makes it harder to sing (and you can't see the words on the screen), it is a common posture for prayer. Bowing before God is a physical action that demonstrates our submission and shows honor to Him.

Why not do it right now? Bow your head right now and offer yourself in complete submission to His will.

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