Worship Moments, Episode 28 – What Does Lifting of Hands Mean?

Episode 28 - What Does Lifting of Hands Mean?

In this episode of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick explain what we mean when we lift our hands in worship.

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For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

In the last video I talked about the biblical posture of lifting hands in praise and thanksgiving. But maybe you are wondering. What does it signify? Body language is called a language because it communicates something. What are people saying to God when they lift their hands?

Raised hands can communicate many things:
it can symbolize need or supplication. We often hold out our hands when we request something.
It can represent openness or intimacy. We cross our hands when we are closed and extend them when we are open or when we are inviting someone to come close.
We also raise our hands to show joy and excitement.
It is also associated, in general, with worship. We reach out in adoration and submission to our God.

Lifting of the hands can be used to communicate many emotions and I think that is why it is so common in worship. Whether asking for God to fill us with His Spirit, singing a song of intimacy with God or joyfully praising His name, lifting of the hands is often a very appropriate posture.

Your posture impacts your emotions and raising hands is suitable for so many emotions. Give it a try. Lift your hands right now and pray or sing your worship to God.

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