Worship Moments, Episode 21 – Praise Changes Our Perspective

Episode 21 - Praise Changes Our Perspective

In Episode 21 of Worship Moments Dr Wyrick talks about how praise changes our perspective on life.

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For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

Praise is powerful!

We have already discussed how praise and thanksgiving increase our joy and usher us into the presence of God. But praise does so more than that. Praise changes our perspective.

We are too close to our own problems. Like a person using a magnifying glass on a painting. We only see splotches of color and rough brush strokes and completely miss the beauty of God's artistic work. We complain to God because it all looks so chaotic and ugly.

But praise and thanksgiving invites us to step back and see the world from God's perspective – to catch a glimpse of God's amazing artistry. Praise and thanksgiving remind us that God is in control. He is creating a great work of art and there is so much more to the painting than just the few brushstrokes we happen to see in our daily life.

As we praise God our problems fade and our eyes become focused on God and His greatness. Stop focusing on the brushstrokes and blotches of color! Praise God and watch your perspective change. Why not take some time to do it right now?

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