Worship Moments, Episode 2 – Responding to the Presence of God

Episode 2 - Responding to the Presence of God

Yesterday I posted the first episode of my Worship Moments series.

This is the 2nd episode and from here on I will continue by posting one episode each week. I hope you enjoy them.

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For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

Last week I talked about Recognizing God's Presence in worship. Today I am going to talk about the next step, which is
Responding to the Presence of God

I believe worship is a natural response to being in the presence of God. In the Bible, every time someone recognizes that they are in the presence of God, they respond in worship. And so should we.

This simplifies my job as a worship leader. I don't believe I am called to generate some emotional response from the congregation. I believe I am called to help you remember that God is present with you right now and then encourage you to respond to His presence in appropriate ways.

We can worship in quiet reverence or rest. We can worship in exuberant praise. We can worship by studying His Word. But in all of these cases, it doesn't really become worship unless we first recognize God's presence and then respond to His presence. Otherwise it is simply a ritual or an emotional time of singing.

Do you believe God is with you right now? Then respond to His presence in whatever way you feel is appropriate – whether that is prayer, Bible study or singing. God is waiting. Will you respond?

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  1. It seems True Biblical worship is so for foreign to us here on Earth, because worship has to do with His Holiness. Have we as a Church lost the Salt and forgot the call to holiness?
    Worship is a result of revelation, Ex. 34:6-8.
    Keep preaching my Brother, get that Word out and remind the Believers that GOD is surrounded by perfect Worship.
    Thanksgivings is in response to His goodness. Praise is in response to His greatness and Worship is in response to His ABSULUTE HOLINESS. O LORD, we are strangers to Your Holiness. “Blessed is the man You choose and cause to approach You, that he may be satisfied with Your goodness in Your house. (Presence)” Ps. 65:4

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