Introducing Worship Moments with Wyrick

Worship Moments

Each week I will be posting a short video talking about worship. These worship moments are very short, usually less than 3 minutes, so they don't take much time to watch. I originally started this with the idea of posting them on Facebook, but I realized that I should also share them with our blog followers. Below is the first video, which I posted on Facebook and YouTube last week.

Tomorrow I will post the 2nd episode and then I will continue by posting one episode each week. I hope you enjoy them.

Text of Video

For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

In this short video I am going to introduce you to what is, for me, one of the key concepts in worship: Recognizing the presence of God.

This simple concepts helps me both as a worshiper and as a worship leader.

First it reminds me that it is never my job to make God “show up”. God, like the air we breathe, is always present – we just don't recognize Him. We get busy with life and loose a sense of His presence. We get mired in sin and close ourselves off to God's Spirit and His forgiveness. As a worshiper I don't need to do anything to make God show up and as a worship leader I am not responsible for somehow enticing God down from heaven to visit us during worship. God is already with us right now waiting for us to engage with Him in worship.

Second it reminds me that my task is to recognize God presence and open my spirit to His. As a worship leader it is my goal to help people recognize that God is waiting for them and help them to open up their spirit to His Spirit. I believe that God has gifted us with the arts (especially music), His Word and prayer as primary tools to do this.

If God is always with us – and He is – then He is with us right now – wherever you are. I encourage you to take this moment to thank Him for His presence.

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