WAC Update March 11, 2013

Last week I listed seven reasons why we need a Worship Arts Conservatory in Detroit.  In this post I will bring you up to date as to where we are in the process of starting a Conservatory.

Currently we are incorporated as a nonprofit and have a five person board.  In addition to the board we have a couple local worship leaders who also serve as advisers.  We meet once per month to plan our future activities.  Our website has a very thorough description of what we hope to accomplish, so make sure to check it out for more details.

On April 12th we will be starting a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $12,000 to use as seed money for research and filing of nonprofit paperwork.  It is our goal to follow that up with another campaign focused on funds for advertising and state licensing.  Finally we will be doing our capital campaign to raise the much larger funds necessary for purchasing facilities, hiring staff and recruiting.

Every week I will be doing a post on WAC, so stay tuned for more exciting updates and information!

Question:  What questions do you have concerning WAC?

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory

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