WAC Update

WAC Update 61


We now have transfer of credit partnerships with 5 colleges:

  • Visible Music College
  • Kuyper College
  • Virginia Baptist College
  • The Crown College
  • Ohio Christian University

With these partnerships, someone can spend up to two years studying at WAC and then transfer all of their credits towards an accredited degree.

In addition to these colleges, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary will also accept students who graduate with a four year program of study from WAC and meet their admissions requirements. This means that someone could stay at WAC for all four years of college and go directly to seminary. This would potentially save someone $30,000 or more in college tuition and allow them to do it all in Detroit!


We are trying a new promotion on Facebook featuring a lighthearted video series based around a superhero named WACman. If you are active on Facebook, please help us by sharing these videos. Here is the first video:

Upcoming Events

August 20, Concert at Eastside Community Church

The Instrumental Ensemble is doing a summer concert at Eastside Community Church. The concert will be a mix of worship music and classical favorites.

September 12, Banquet

Our first annual banquet will feature Don Carey, safety for the Lions, as our speaker, Brandon Roux, Channel 4 Meteorologist, as our MC, food by Edibles Rex and music by our WAC Instrumental Ensemble.

Our Next Step

Our next big step as a college is to start attracting full time students and students dedicated to a full program of study. This will allow us to better plan out our future schedule of courses, make more accurate budget projections and get us on track for accreditation.

With our partnerships we are now all set for this step and feel we are honestly the best option for students who are looking for ministry or worship training in Detroit. Our prices are affordable, we have excellent staffing and we are local.

Prayer Requests

Our number one priority right now is to find new Students for our Fall Term. Fall Term begins September 5.  Please pray that we will continue to grow and that we will find our first students dedicated to a full program of study.

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