WAC Update 43

We are well into our first official term and my next step is to consider what courses, if any, we may offer for Summer.

We are also working to develop an adjunct faculty pool.  This is a list of faculty who have already been through the hiring process and are ready to teach when we offer a course that fits their teaching specialty.  In addition, they would be involved in the evaluation of our current programs and curriculum.

We are seeking faculty for:

  • Bible, Theology and Ministry
  • Biblical Languages
  • Communication/Theater
  • Worship
  • Music (All areas including applied study)
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Stage Lighting
  • Visual Arts (Graphic Arts, Fine Arts)
  • Dance
  • General Education (English, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Foreign Languages, Sociology, Health)

To apply go to our Online Employment Application


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