Employment Application

Please understand that we are a very small institution. We do not have any full time positions. All faculty are adjunct. Because Indeed.com auto posts positions from our Employment page, we receive many more applications than we have time to process. We do not respond to every application. Your application will only be considered if it is a current need and you meet all of the qualifications below.

All new faculty must:

  • Have a passion for Christian faith and worship
  • Have a Masters Degree or higher
  • Live in Detroit Metro
  • Have a desire to help develop a new Christian college in Detroit. Compensation is low and you must see this as a ministry.
  • Agree with our Statement of Faith
  • Agree with our Lifestyle Statement


    • Your first step would be to fill out our online employment application. Applicants need to live in the Detroit Metro area and have a masters in their field of study.

  1. Hello, I am interested in applying for a position to teach, I have 21 credits in Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, and I know that the requirement is a Masters. Are their any other positions that I may qualify for with not being completely done with my second degree?

  2. I am interested in applying for a position as a Composition instructor, I have taught Composition and Social Psychology for over ten years.

  3. Good Evening, my name is Keenan M. Penn Sr. and I am currently a High School Teacher at Voyageur College Prep. I teach 11th & 12 Grade College Seminar and Research Writing with a teaching certification for Speech. My Master’s degree is in Higher Education with a focus on Teaching & Learning. Right now as we speak, I’m 2 years in the process of completing my doctorate in the same field (Higher Education). After listening to the phenomenal video with the young lady Sarah M. along with thoroughly browsing your website, I was very impressed on the mission of the school. I am also a Man of faith and believe that faith and education correlates well superbly with the worship experience as a whole. There is certainly interest in a part-time adjunct position as you institution with the understanding that rate of pay is limited and no position may not readily be available.


    Keenan M. Penn Sr. BA, M.Ed.

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