WAC Programs of Study

In each program area we intend to offer three levels of training:

  • Certificate – One to one and a half years of full time study.  A certificate is introductory and designed to help a lay person improve in their skill.
  • Diploma – Equivalent to an Associate’s Degree.
  • Advanced Diploma – Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree.

This coming school year (2014-2015) it is our aim to offer the courses that are necessary to complete each certificate program.

What is unique about our programs of study?

  • Our Core Curriculum:  We have a core curriculum designed to give you a solid biblical foundation with an emphasis on worship.
  • Practical:  Each program of study requires some form of practical application such as an internship, practicum or public recital.
  • Location:  We will be the only Christian institution located in Detroit area that is offering college level training in the performing arts.
  • Worship Focus:  Although there are many Christian colleges, we will be focused on the skills, knowledge and character necessary to develop an effective worship service.

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory
Worship Director at Crosspointe Church


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