How to Start a Bible College in Your Church

How to Start a Bible College

Why Start a Bible College?

Train your people and reduce Bible illiteracy

Starting a Bible college can be a game-changer for any church or religious group. One big reason to do it is to help people really get to know the Bible and cut down on Bible illiteracy. These days, even regular churchgoers might not have a deep understanding of the scriptures. This can hold back their personal spiritual growth and the church's mission. By setting up a Bible college, a church can offer structured, in-depth Bible education, giving its members a solid grasp of the scriptures. This knowledge helps them grow in their faith, live out biblical principles in their everyday lives, and share their faith with others more confidently.

Train up new leadership for your church and God's Kingdom

Another great reason to start a Bible college is to raise up new leaders for your church and the Kingdom. Many churches struggle to find leaders who are both passionate and knowledgeable about theology and church work. A Bible college can fill this gap by providing specialized training that prepares people for various leadership roles, whether that's becoming pastors, church administrators, or educators. This kind of leadership development is essential for keeping the church lively and effective in its ministry. By continually training new leaders, the church can keep moving forward with its mission and vision, impacting the community and beyond in powerful ways.

Additional income

Starting a Bible college can also help supplement your income. Many pastors struggle with the burden of a low salary, so earning extra income by teaching at the Bible college can be a great way to support yourself financially. If you feel adequately compensated by your church, you can use the instructor compensation to fund scholarships for members of your congregation, making the Bible college more accessible to everyone.

How to Host a Bible College

The Hard Way - Start from Scratch

Starting a Bible college from scratch is a comprehensive but rewarding process that involves the following steps:

  1. Establish a Vision and Mission: Define the purpose and goals of your Bible college. What do you hope to achieve? Who is your target audience?
  2. Create a Curriculum: Develop a curriculum that covers essential Bible knowledge and Christian ministries. Ensure the courses are structured, engaging, and accredited if possible.
  3. Hire Qualified Instructors: Instructors must have a master's degree and agree to your statement of faith and lifestyle. They should be committed to teaching according to your syllabus.
  4. Obtain Necessary Approvals: Depending on your location, you might need to get approval from educational authorities or your church leadership.
  5. Market Your College: Promote your Bible college within your church community and beyond. Use social media, church bulletins, and local advertisements to attract students.
  6. Set Up Administrative Processes: Develop processes for enrollment, grading, and certification. Ensure you have the necessary administrative support.

The Easy Way - Host Our Onsite Courses

Alternatively, you can host our onsite courses, which is a simpler and more streamlined way to start a Bible college. Here’s how it works:

  1. Partner with Us: Reach out to us to become a host site for our Bible Certificate Program. We provide the curriculum, teaching materials, and administrative support.
  2. Setup Your Hosting Site: Prepare a space in your church where classes can be held. This could be a dedicated classroom or a multi-purpose room.
  3. Choose Your Delivery Method:
    • Live Instruction: Use your own qualified teachers to deliver the courses live. Instructors must have a master's degree and agree to our statement of faith and lifestyle. They will also need to agree to use our syllabus.
    • Video Instruction: Host our live-streamed or pre-recorded video courses at your church. This option allows you to offer high-quality education without needing an instructor on site.
  4. Enroll Students: Promote the courses within your church and community.
  5. We Take Care of the Rest: As a host, you’ll be available to support your students throughout their studies but we will take care of all of the administrative tasks for you.

Programs Offered

Ministry Training

We currently offer 3 levels of Ministry Training though our School of Ministry:

There's no need to decide on different levels of training right away. Start with a Bible certificate and add more advanced levels as students are ready to progress.

Worship Training

We also offer training in Worship through our School of Worship. All of these programs are offered online:

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