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Worship Leadership Certificate



The Worship Leadership Certificate is a 37 credit hour program in our School of Worship designed to introduce you to the primary skills necessary to lead a worship program in a local church. The Worship Leadership Certificate is available online and in person. For more advanced studies see our Worship Leadership Diploma.

If you are seeking a 4 year program of study go to our Advanced Diploma or see our Degree Paths.

Worship Certificate Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff - Worship Leader, Worship Director, Worship Pastor  (Depending on the type and size of the program, this may require more training), Choir Director
  • Lay Ministry – Worship Musician, Choir Member, Deacon/Elder of Worship

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Understand basic music theory.
  • Have the skills necessary to lead a small church music ministry.


No Debt Worship Major

Our tuition is $200 per credit, so your annual cost (based on 24 credits) is only $4,800. All students receive a Vanguard Scholarship of $100 per credit, reducing your annual tuition to only $2,400. The total cost for the Worship Leadership Certificate is $3,700 + fees and books.

A Worship Major is only available at a private christain college so compare our tuition to the national average private non-profit four year college tuition of over $30,000. We believe we are the most affordable option for college level worship arts training online or in person.

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Worship Degree Paths


Online or In-Person

Core Bible and Theology – 12 credit hours

General Music – 8 credit hours

MUS-110 Music Theory I

3 credit hours

Study of simple four part harmony. Learn figured bass, chord symbols, cadences, non-harmonic tones, voice-leading, dominant seventh chords and harmonic progression. Prerequisite: MUS-105 or permission of instructor. To be taken concurrently with MUS-115.

MUS-115 Ear Training I

1 credit hour

Learn to sing and dictate all intervals and scales. Identify major and minor triads. Develop rhythm awareness. To be taken concurrently with MUS-110.

MUS-210 Music Theory II

3 credit hours

Continued study of four-part harmony through writing and analysis of music literature. Further study of seventh chords as well as secondary and leading-tone chords. Learn procedures of modulation, how to realize figured bass, chord symbols and transposition for various instruments. Prerequisite: MUS 110.

MUS-215 Ear Training II

1 credit hour

Continued study of sight-singing and dictation. Learn to dictate in four parts. Continued study of rhythm. Sight-singing in modes and tenor and alto clef. Prerequisite: MUS-115. To be taken concurrent with MUS-210.

Performance – 7 credit hours

MUS-120 Voice Class

2 credit hours

Study basic vocal techniques, including breathing, tone production, note reading, and fundamental vocabulary for singers. Learn healthy vocal habits.

MUS-230 Choral Conducting

3 credit hours

An introduction to the basic conducting techniques with an emphasis on application in a choral setting. Master the standard beat patterns, learn to communicate cues, tempo, dynamics and mood.

MUS-125 Guitar Class or MUS-130 Piano Class

Guitar Class

2 credit hours

Study basic acoustic guitar techniques, including tuning, strumming, picking, reading chord symbols, using a capo, and the most common chord progressions.

Piano Class

2 credit hours

Study basic piano techniques, including two hand coordination, five-finger patterns, scales, triad playing, reading chord symbols, pedaling and the most common chord progressions.

Worship – 7 credit hours

WOR-220 Worship Band Techniques

3 credits

Learn how to have an effective worship rehearsal. Learn how to prepare for rehearsal, techniques for an effective rehearsal, characteristics and uses of each of the main instruments in a standard rhythm section, and characteristics of various contemporary music styles. Prerequisite: MUS-110

WOR-190 Worship Practicum

2 credit hours

Apply worship training in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

WOR-420 Worship Administration

2 credit hours

Learn how to administrate a worship ministry. Tools and techniques for organizing and communicating with volunteers and pastoral staff. Learn the basic skills necessary to run a smooth worship ministry.

Elective – 2-3 credit hours

recommended: MIN-410 Church Leadership

3 credit hours

Study the principles of leadership as applied to the church setting. Develop personal skills in self-management, budgeting, planning, organizing, recruiting and supervising volunteers, discerning vision for and ministry and leading deliberative bodies.