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singer-84874_1280Would you like to learn how to sing effectively?  Do you want to increase your range and accuracy?  Do you love singing and would like to improve your talent but are just not sure where to start?

Please let us know who you are so we can better serve you.

Voice Class is your opportunity to develop your singing voice.  This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in vocal techniques and skills. And best of all, learn all of this for much less than the cost of private voice lessons.  One hour of private voice lessons will cost you typically over $50 per week.  This course is two hours of training per week for 16 weeks for only $200.  That comes out to only $12.50 per week or less than $7 per hour! Take advantage of this great chance to develop your voice at a truly amazing value.  Course Details.

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Who We Are

The Worship Arts Conservatory is a higher educational institution located in Detroit dedicated to the training of Christian workers, skilled in worship.

Thinking ManWhy would you study with us?

  1. Quality. You want to receive a high quality education. Our courses are all college-level. This means a) that you are being taught by experts in your field who have equivalent degrees to professors at a college and b) the courses are similar in seat time and content as a college-level course. Our teachers also all have real world experience doing exactly what they are teaching. Take a look at our excellent faculty.
  2. Convenience. Your time is limited. You are working and trying to squeeze in time to improve yourself through education. We can help. All of our courses this term are online, so you can take your classes whenever is best for your schedule. In the near future we will also be offering courses onsite in Detroit.
  3. Affordability. Your budget is tight and you are concerned about the rising cost of higher education. We are less expensive than a college. Because we are not yet accredited, our tuition is priced lower than most colleges and, since we are online, you can save on housing costs. The average private college costs approximately $30,000 per year. We cost only around $6000 per year!  And during the month of December our tuition is half-off!
  4. Christian. You would like to study in an environment where Christ is lifted up. We are Christ-centered. Our courses are focused towards helping you become a better servant of Christ, not just a better trained person.

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