June Coda


Just as the Coda of a song brings the song to a conclusion, I will be bringing each month to a conclusion with a review of the month’s posts.  So if you missed any, here is a quick overview:

  1. This month included three WAC Updates.
    1. June 3rd update on our Board biographies and updated programs of study.
    2. June 10th update on future job opportunities at WAC.
    3. June 24th update on the submission of our 1023 form.
  2. God is Talking are You Listening?  Why you should be listening for God’s voice.  The first in a series on tools for praying.
  3. Seven Hebrew Words That Will Enhance Your Worship: Halal.  Crazy, exuberant and boastful praise!
  4. Worship is the Priority.  The first value of the Worship Arts Conservatory and the first in a series on our values.
  5. The Singing God.  Did you know God sings over you?
  6. Psalm 1.  How to be blessed by God.  The first in a series looking at the Psalms.
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