Is the Worship Arts Conservatory a College?

To use the word “college” or “university” in your name an institute must be licensed by the state for that purpose.  This licensing process is one that takes time.  For more information on the process see Why diplomas instead of degrees?  The Worship Arts Conservatory has as a goal to be licensed within 3-5 years after opening.  Meanwhile, we will function as a proprietary school.

All our courses will be the same level of training as that of a college or university but until we are licensed we will not be able to offer formal degrees.  Instead we will be offering certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas.  A certificate will be equal to approximately one to one and a half years of college study.  A diploma will be equivalent to an associates degree and an advanced diploma will be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

What do I mean when I say “same level of training as that of a college”?  I mean that our courses will require the same amount of in class training as a college course and will be taught by instructors who have a master’s degree or higher in the field they are teaching.

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory
Worship Director at Crosspointe Church


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