Why Diplomas instead of Degrees?


Not being licensed as a degree granting institution does have its advantages.  Diplomas and Certificates do not require general education courses.  This means that a student can take more courses specific to their area of interest.  Also, unaccredited institutions are typically less expensive to run which means we can offer a lower tuition rate to you.

Process for Accreditation

In Michigan an institute must be licensed as a degree granting institution to be able to offer Associates and Bachelor Degrees.  The licensing process is a multi-year endeavor with specific steps.

First an institution must become licensed as a proprietary school.  Proprietary schools are allowed to offer certificates and diplomas, but not degrees.  This step is completed.

Next a school needs to become accredited.  Accreditation requires a fully functioning school that can be evaluated over a period of time.  We are already working with TRACS, an accreditation association, to make sure we are in compliance as soon as we open.  Still, it will take some time after opening to meet all the requirements of accreditation.

Finally, after receiving accreditation, a school can apply for a license to offer degrees.  It is our hope that by working with the accreditation association from the beginning we will be able to complete this whole process within 3 years but it is common for this process to take 5 years or more.  It is our desire and aim to be able to offer degrees before anyone will graduate with a 2 year degree but it is important to understand that we cannot promise anyone a degree until we are fully licensed to offer degrees.

What if I want to transfer my courses to get a degree from another institution?

We are currently in communication with multiple colleges concerning the possibility of transfer of credit or a contractual agreement where our courses would be accepted as completion of part of a specific degree.  We hope to be able to announce some of these agreements within the next few months.