Introducing Our New Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program

We Are Switching from Internships to Apprenticeships

Our Worship Internships are now going to be called our Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program. We are making this name change because we believe it better reflects the content, comprehensive nature and purpose of our program.

Why Change the Name?

In a later post I plan on going into more detail on the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship. For now, I think the table below gives a good overview of the differences.

Length2-3 years1-2 terms
When?Integral part of the education process from beginning to endAfter or near end of education
What?Integrates Classroom training with Hands-on experienceUsually only hands-on experience
ContentComprehensive education and competency based work experienceAssisting with work tasks
CostFree EducationSome churches charge for internships

Seeking 2-5 Apprentices for the Summer Term

Worship Arts Conservatory is now seeking 2-5 Apprentices for our Summer Term. We are limiting the number of apprenticeships because we want to make sure that we can give each student the attention they deserve and because we currently only have the scholarship funds available for 2-5 students.

Interested? Apply Now!

Since there are so few spots available, I encourage you to apply now! Click the button below to learn more about our Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program.

Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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