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Gain Valuable Work Experience Through an Apprenticeship

What is a Worship Leader Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a career pathway where you can minister and learn at the same time! It includes:

Free Training

Gain knowledge from on-the-job learning and classroom training

Work Experience

Gain valuable hands-on career experience from day one

Earn a Worship Leadership Diploma

Earn a diploma with transferable credits

Work Experience is Valuable

Having practical work experience is essential to obtaining a career. Although people with more education typically earn more than those with less, this is only part of the story. As this post by Investopedia points out, your work experience, the type of career and the type of education all factor into the equation.

The simple fact is that, all other things being equal, an employer is always going to hire the person with experience over the one without. This is why it is so common for people to do an internship in addition to their education.

But what if you could get extensive experience, build your portfolio and gain an education all in one program? That is what our Worship Leader Apprenticeship program will do for you!

What is the difference between an Apprenticeship and an Internship?

So, why would I choose and apprenticeship over an internship? Below is a chart I included in a previous post to help show the difference.

Length2-3 years of work experience1-2 terms
When?Integral part of the education process from beginning to endAfter or near end of education
What?Integrates Classroom training with Hands-on experienceUsually only hands-on experience
ContentComprehensive education and competency based work experienceAssisting with work tasks
CostEarn a full ride scholarshipSome churches charge for internships

What Work Experience Will I Gain?

Below are some of the key work experiences you will have. Notice that it ranges from administrative tasks to performance to leadership to technology. This is not a short term, do the stuff the worship leader doesn't want to do, type of experience. This is a comprehensive, competency based training program.


  • Backup Singer
  • Lead Singer
  • Soloist
  • Choir

Song Writing/Arranging

  • Writing a Chord Chart
  • Making a Leadsheet
  • Writing TAB for guitar
  • (optional) Writing parts for traditional instruments


  • Service Planning
  • Scheduling of Musicians
  • Service and Music Transitions
  • Public Prayer
  • Creative Elements
  • Song Selection
  • Worship Set Flow
  • Rehearsal Leadership
  • Maintaining the Music Library
  • Budget Preparation
  • Auditions
  • Working with a choir/ensemble


  • Familiarity with sound production
  • Familiarity with lighting design
  • Familiarity with video production

Interested? Apply Now!

Since there are so few spots available, I encourage you to apply now! Click the button below to learn more about our Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program and sign up to be one of our apprentices.

Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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