Full Ride Apprenticeship Scholarships

Apprenticeships Come With a Full Ride Scholarship

Internships often require that you work for free or minimal pay. In fact, some churches now charge you to take an internship with them. Worship Leader Apprenticeships pay for themselves because the host church and generous donors cover the cost of your courses. You earn your scholarship by serving every Sunday in a local church worship ministry. So you are able to receive two years of worship education plus work experience without any debt! The only cost to you is books and transportation.  If you do not live close enough to commute you may also need to pay for housing and food.

Many churches pay for musicians to serve in their churches. By filling a need in the church worship ministry you earn your scholarship. This scholarship then pays for all of your courses.

Interested? Apply Now!

Since there are so few spots available, I encourage you to apply now! Click the button below to learn more about our Worship Leader Apprenticeship Program and sign up to be one of our apprentices.

Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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