Free College Courses!

When I see the word “free” I immediately think “What’s the catch?” I bet that is what you’re thinking. It can’t actually be free.

You are right.

There is a catch. The courses will not cost you money, but they will cost you time. The classes are your payment for participating in our Summer Internships. I know of a church in the Detroit area (which will remain nameless) that charges for their internships. Yep. You pay them to help at their church.

We can do much better than that. You join our internship program and we will give you a scholarship to cover 6 credits of courses. Everyone wins! You get free college education and hands on career training, the church gets ministry help, and Worship Arts Conservatory has the opportunity to help you reach your career goals!

We started with 3 Worship Internships and we now only have 2. So act today!

For more information check out our Internship Page.

To apply send a cover letter indicating your interest and skills to:


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