Deepen Your Intimacy with God

THE_LORD__S_PRAYER_by_navalatanjjnnThe Bible describes the Christian as the Bride of Christ.  You were purchased by His blood and Jesus desires to develop a deep and growing relationship with you.  He loves you as only God can love and calls you into an intimate a personal relationship with Him.

Why is it then that for so many Christians our personal time with God is more of a ritual than a intimate relationship?  Why do we so often rush through our devotional time and hurry on to other more pressing matters?  Why do we find it so hard to spend time with the One who loved us even at the cost of His life?

Maybe the issue is not your faith or your love but your approach to spending time with God.  Maybe all you need is to learn some new and fresh ways to approach God.  Spiritual Foundations is designed to introduce you to the many ways Christians have approached their personal time with God.  Learn multiple ways to pray, read the Bible, study the Bible and listen to God.

Refresh your walk with God by taking Spiritual Foundations.

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