August Coda


At the end of each month I give you a review of the months posts.  So, if you missed any, here is a quick overview:

  1. A post on How to to Live in the Abundance of God. We have a generous, loving and abundant God.
  2. Two posts continuing the series on the Worship Arts Conservatory Values:
    1. Generosity
    2. Diversity
  3. The 3rd Psalm in our psalm series. David finds peace in the midst of trouble.
  4. Two WAC updates
    1. August 5. A list of the updated certificates we will be offering.
    2. August 19 Posted our Lifestyle Agreement.
  5. Our first post advertising Faculty Openings  for fall 2014.
  6. How to Worship in Spirit.
  7. Seven Words that Will Enhance Your Worship: Tehillah.  The third in a series on Hebrew worship terms.
  8. Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.  The third in a series on listening to God.
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